3 Sons' Asphalt Maintenance, LLC           
   Serving Delaware County and surrounding area since 2001
Thick SealMaster CoalTar with "Top Tuff" polymer additive and LOTS of sand for traction,
durability, and to help fill cracks and crevices.  Compare our product to most other sealcoaters
who just spray thin black water.

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        Protect and Renew your Pavement                                            
Services 3 Sons Offer:                                               A pavement maintenance program that includes
1.  Edge grass and pull weeds.                                  periodic sealcoating and crack filling will more than
2.  Wire brush asphalt.                                                                  double the service life of asphalt. 
3.  Blow clean.                                                                        
4.  Seal cracks & patch holes. (See below)                          Special Multi-family discounts available. 

5.  Chemically treat oil spots.                        Sign up family, friends, and neighbors and everyone saves with lower rates. 
6.  Spray or squeegee sealant.                                                               (Minimum $100 each)

                                                     Clean and Neat Application
Over my years of experience I've learned that every asphalt surface is different and I need to utilize different sealant consistencies
and tools to get the longest lasting and best looking results.  Most sealcoaters have a tank of watery sealant and they spray it on                                                       regardless of the surface condition and texture.  3 Sons' Asphalt Maintenance takes the time to make the right sealant mixture and                                                       use many combinations of brushes, squeegees, and spraying to achieve the finest results. 

This Driveway has lots if cracks.                                                                                                                     
Charlie is m
ixing up an extra thick brew.  
             All surface cracks are being smoothed over.               

Do you have the follow problems?             BADLY CRACKED OR BROKEN UP AREAS  BIRDBATHS       

Paving company's have minimum charges of around $1,200 and will not make your "small job" a priority.                                                                                      3 Sons' has a created an asphalt patching business to handle the small jobs for an affordable starting price of just $600.  
This price could be less if neighbors join in and have work done on the same day.


   After 6 weeks the new asphalt will be ready to sealcoat to finish the job.  This patch job cost $900.                           


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